Elise Anderson Laying The Foundation for Life After Sports

Elise Anderson is a Professional Track & Field athlete for Team USA who is a serial entrepreneur, journalist for Girl Boss, philanthropist, brand ambassador/influencer for several brands like PrettyLittleThing, SheFit, Body Armor and more. She is originally from Minnesota where she is an accomplished track star who graduated from the University of Connecticut (UConn) with her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Communications.
Before attending UConn, during her middle school and high school career, she was the USATF Minnesota Female Athlete in 2008 and 2010, USATF National Champion in 2008, Minnesota High School State Champions 2010-2014 winning and setting the all-time Minnesota highschool record in the 4×100. She also shined in American Athletic Union (AAU) by winning 22 medals and becoming a 22x time AAU all-american.

Following her highschool accomplishments, she became the 2017 Penn Relays Sprint Medley Champion, 2017 American Athletic Conference runner-up, 2016 Missouri Valley Indoor Conference Champions.

Off the track, she was involved and, she was the 20218 runner up for the Female Community Outreach Athlete of the Year Award at University of Connecticut and was on the NCAA all-academic honors throughout her entire college career.

Besides her athletic accolades, Elise is a journalist for Girl Boss and other publications and she owns a management company called Wifi Management where her company will manage athletes, entrepreneurs, artists, labels and more. Additionally, she has started her brand Life of Elise which is a lifestyle company that highlights her diverse business and she will also be launching her magazine The Anderson PR sometime this year that will highlight fashion, culture, news, music and entertainment.

With her hands full, Elise is looking to make an impact on and off the track and is excited to help student-athletes succeed through entrepreneurship, financial literacy, mental health and social influencer programs and workshops.

Life After Sports Foundation, is a non profit that prepares student athletes for a post-athletic career. They believe that teaching students entrepreneurial skills will help them to transfer their passion into a meaningful career. Through the use of entrepreneurship education and social influence we can prepare students for a successful life after sports.

Through their Social Influencer workshop, the Life After Sports foundation is teaching athletes how to further build their brands with the use of social media. Coaching them how to build a valuable network that will prepare them for success after their athletic careers.
Athletes face a high risk of experiencing mental health issues including depression, anxiety, and substance abuse after they retire or switch careers. Research shows that elite athletes spend most of their lives focused on perfecting themselves so that they can be the best of the best at their sport.

This transition also affects student athletes in the same way Life After Sports Foundation creates an environment for student-athletes to expand their interests and competences for other activities beyond sports. Learning ways to build strong relationships with coaches, family, friends and or managers who care about your sporting success as well as your personal growth.

If you’re interested in learning more about Life After Sports Foundation.


Website: http://www.lifeaftersportsfoundation.org/

Instagram: lifeaftersportsfoundation

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