Break-Through Artist MasatiMesmerizes with Dreamy New Single “See Through”

Rising R&B artist Masati delivers his rich and melodic new single “See Through, distributed through Human Re-Sources. “See Through” is a song about failure, loss, and going through adversity.

Initially going to school for economics, rising R&B sensation Masati was poised to “go corporate.” He often drifted in and out of the idea of pursuing music but never felt allowed to step fully into that reality. Not letting himself lose his creative spirit, he finally followed the tug and pull in his heart to share his gifts with the world.

In addition to writing his own music, the multi-talented artist, based in Dallas, Texas, is also a talented multi-instrumentalist; playing guitar, bass, and piano. After gaining early interest from major labels, Masati ultimately chose the independent path in pursuit of his music career. Ownership of his own music was key for Masati as he entered the industry.

Masati’s music is a heartfelt return to the days of true musicianship and a genuine appreciation for live and acoustic sounds. His organic artistry is a full expression of himself, taking inspiration from the events in his life that led to where he is today.

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