All-Women Minority Organization Thrives in Trucking and Logistics Industry

A world where women are empowered to reach their fullest potential in transportation and logistics industry. While shaping the future of businesswomen in the Leading Ladies of Logistix organization by providing opportunities for development, fostering valuable connections, and facilitating member success through business and career growth. The Leading Ladies of Logistix’s core purpose is to support the business success of women in transportation and logistics.

Since 2017, the Leading Ladies of Logistix is a black women-run organization that empowers female logistics and transportation professionals in North America. Its mission is to empower, strengthen and unite women in the transportation industry. The Leading Ladies of Logistix organization has mentored over 2,000 women in their mentorship program as well as trained over 500 women individuals to start their transportation business.

Tristen, Samantha, Tawana & Vanessa are the Leading Ladies of Logistix, who separately have their own brokerages, fleets, and multiple other businesses.

We wanted to have a community where women could support and depend on one another and didn’t be bashed or belittled for doing so. I had so much knowledge and advice, it was nice to share it with women that wanted to be in the same field, and I wanted to help them to prevent the same mistakes that I had made and what to avoid.

As Black women in a male-dominated industry, they aren’t offered a seat at many tables, hence the reason these ladies built their own table. LLL has worked hard to locate opportunities for women-owned transportation and logistics companies.

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